Our Mission

Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund is a non-government non-profit organization based in Primorskyi krai, Russian Far East. Our primary activity is to address regional environmental health and conservation issues by direct active involvement and promotion of sound, science-based political decisions. In our work we are largely relying on international cooperation and use of world experience for solving regional issues.

Structure of the Fund

Structure of the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund

Registration Documents

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The Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund (FEHF) is one of the few non-governmental non-profit organizations working on issues of impacts of environmental pollution on health of people in Primorsy krai and other regions of the Russian Far East and Siberia. Our organization was estabilshed in 2002 with main purpose to start and implement a project of reducing risk of lead poisoning of children in Rudnaya River Valley, north of Primorye region. Such project was developed in 2000-2002 by a group of Russian and American scientists who revealed high contamination of Rudnaya RIver Valley with heavy metals and suggested using experience of cleanup and health intervention in Bunker Hill, USA. It was very diffucult to start an NGO in Russia from scratch, because there are no tax benefits for non profits and donations are very scarce. We operated for two years with almost no budget and managed to complete mapping of contamination in Rudnaya Valley and assess lead poisoning risks associated with interior dust and garden produce. Then in 2004 we received support from Blacksmith Institute and gradually grew into efficient regional environmental organization leading several projects and even publishing our own news paper. We picked polar tern as our symbol. That bird travels around the globe every year. It is our ambition to fly that high and that far. We are open to collaboration with any organization in Russia or abroad for protecting health of ppeople and health of nature.

Our Staff

Founders Council: V. V. Dashevskaya (President), A. O. Scheblanova (Chair), A. A. Sitenkov, L. N. Nikolaenko

  • Director of Programs: Petr Sharov
  • Executive Director: Leonid Kim
  • Head of Promotion & Marketing Division: Nikolai Sosnov
  • Accountant: Anna Kim
  • Coordinator of Environmental Awareness Program: Olga Kuzminova
  • Coordinator of Eco-Tourism & Protected Areas Program: Maria Lesnaya
  • Coordinator of Green Energy & Eco-Housing Program: Olesya Schekaleva
  • Mapping Specialist: Alyona Andreeva
  • Promotion & Marketing Division Assistant: Daria Gurina
  • Transportation Division Assistant: Denis Rudenok
  • Volunteers: Ilya Piskunov, Vyacheslav Samurin, Marina Nedotsukova
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