Our Mission

Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund is a non-government non-profit organization based in Primorskyi krai, Russian Far East. Our primary activity is to address regional environmental health and conservation issues by direct active involvement and promotion of sound, science-based political decisions. In our work we are largely relying on international cooperation and use of world experience for solving regional issues.

FEHF Projects

Reducing Risk of Lead Poisoning of Children
Studying Contamination
Remediation of Soils
Medical Monitoring
Eco Education
Ecotourism and Protected Areas
Protecting Clean Sea

Gallery of Nature

Petr Sharov

Welcome to our Gallery of Nature! Here you may get acquainted with many different representatives of the plant and animal worlds and see the variety of nature of Primorye and Russian Far East. By clicking on any photo you may enlarge it. Also all big images are gathered by themes we invite you to visit:
"Plants and Fungi", "Animals and Birds", "Landscapes and Views", "Marine Themes"

FEHF President
Petr Sharov

bear cub caterpillar beetle mahaon hermit masu calopanax lenok fir tiger hermit frog creek sparrow in hand samarga tiger spider bear cub japanese rhododendron ginseng sun spotted_deer bloom tiger white naped crane on nest green_trees swan kuvshinka maple lotos sea urchin intermedius racoon_dog beetle_nosorog seabirds lynx larch barnacles splash actiniae 2brothers_bay Amur sturgeon sea cucumber lidovka seabirds Steller eagle clouds swallow Paratunka West Kamchatka Kamchatka mountains kamchatka tree_snow Mount Hood, Oregon winter plains in Washington Mount Hood, Oregon Amur River mushroom creek, Oregon mushroom mushroom sunset view, Primorye sunset view, Primorye sunset view, Primorye Amur River Amur River Bolon Nature Reserve Bolon Nature Reserve birches Kamchatka Amur River fall mushroom Amur River fall Chuken River dusk Khor River fall dusk dusk dusk Lake Khanka Popov Island Vladivostok mushroom cedar_maple mushroom Kievka Bay sunway 2 Brothers, North Primorye dusk sun Lazovsky Nature Reserve sea view sea view sea view sea view forest river at night Petrov Island forest, Oregon kamchatka_river Petrov Island sunset actiniae shore patiria_actinia shore shore shore shore from above algae in water star in water sea water sea water sea water sea water sea water shore stone Vladivostok adonis maple sunset oaks birch sea flower bells calopanax_yew carnation rhododendron flower flower Japanese yew tiger Japanese yew linden_cedar venus shoe Amur River valeriana rhododendron mamushi snake Emar Bay nucella heyseana water

Any use of pictures is possible only by accent of the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund. Higher resolution images could be provided by request.