Our Mission

Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund is a non-government non-profit organization based in Primorskyi krai, Russian Far East. Our primary activity is to address regional environmental health and conservation issues by direct active involvement and promotion of sound, science-based political decisions. In our work we are largely relying on international cooperation and use of world experience for solving regional issues.

International Partners

logo Blacksmith InsituteBlacksmith Intitute - our long term parner. In 2004 we started a joint project in Rudnaya River Valley on assessment of contamination and development of mitigation measures for reducing risk of lead poisoning of children. In 2005-2006 Blacksmith Institute provided over $30,000 support to the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund.

logo Green Cross Switzerland Green Cross Switzerland is one of the main partners of our Lead Health Risk Program and particularly efforts on remediation of contaminated children playgrounds in Rudnaya River Valley. In 2007-2009 Green Cross Switzerland in cooperation with Blacksmith Institute provided over $320,000 support to the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund.

TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering logo TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering is a company in the U.S. working main on projects of remediation of contaminated areas. the bunker Hill Superfund Site Project served as the model for development of the Rudnaya Valley Project. TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering provided invaluable support to the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund by training our specialists, bringing their experts to Russia, and assisting in implementation of our Rudnaya River Valley and other projects.

University of Idaho University of Idaho is one of our first partners. Together with specialists of the Far Eastern National University professors and students of the University of Idaho made studies of Rudnaya River Valley that became the basis for starting a practical and successful project.

GGF Global Greengrants Fund operating through Russian based Council of leaders of regional non-governmental green organization is working with us for several years. We exchange information and receive support from GGF for small-scale projects. In 2008 GGF provided $3,000 for printing our regional green newspaper "Fresh Wind". In 2009 GGF donated through us $2,000 to Environmental Awareness Center "My Planet" for eco-trail construction project in cooperation with national park "Tiger Call". In 2010 GGF funds with $3,000 our study of Cheremknovo District near the Lake Baikal, where we assess contamination and its threat to human health.

management systems international Management Systems International is a global international development firm that implemented the USAID-sponsored Community Participation and Regional Advocacy Project. It was a three-year project (2006-2009) implemented in two large regions of the Russian Far East - Khabarovsk and Primorye. As part od this initiative MSI-USAID provided about $6,500 support to our awareness efforts on marine water quality and campaign for construction of sewage water treatment facilities in Vladivostok.

USAID logoUSAID through Management Systems International supported our campaign on protecting people's rights to clean marine environment. As a result of these efforts the society in Vladivostok paid a lot of attention to marine environmental quality issues and in 2009 authorities started construction of sewage water treatment facilities. It should in the near future greatly improve environmental quality of the Peter the Great Gulf.

Partners in Russia

Far Eastern National University logo Far Eastern National University and particularly Department of Ecology is our partner in almost all our projects. We work together on studying environmental pollution, assess threats to human health, work with national parks to develop eco-tourism, hold conferences for scientists, gather active youth people to engage them in real environmental and conservation projects, and do many other things. University is a big part of both our scientific and practical work.

Center of Environmental  Policy and Culture Center of Environmental Policy and Culture is an non-profit non-governmental organization working in many regions of Russia. We exchange experience and work together on a wide array of issues. CEPC provided support to publishing our regional environmental newspaper "Fresh Wind" and now we work very closely in a project of energy saving and energy efficieny. We distribute information and do public awareness actions promoting in Russian society rational use of energy, decrease of polluting emmisions, saving natural resources, and mitigation of human impacts on climate change. In 2009-2010 Center of Environmental Policy and Culture provided over $15,000 support to the Far Eastern Enviromental Health Fund.

dalnegorsk symbolDalnegorsk District Administration is our long term partner in the project of mitigation of lead poisoning of children in Rudnaya River Valley. Since 2004 there were four mayors in Dalnegorsk and each supported our project, understanding its benefits to health of people in Dalnegorsk District. As part of our joint work the district administration provided place in the hospital for blood lead monitoring program, helkped in distributing medicines, supported our proposals in education of children and parents, actively worked on remediation of contaminated children playgrounds, and assisted in preparing documentation for project works. From 2004 to 2009 the total value of this provided in-kind support to the Rudnaya River Valley project is over $100,000.

vladivostok symbol Administration of Vladivostok is working with us on issues of environmental awareness of population. In 2009 we implemented a city program that included work with youth, eco-competitions, student conferences, various children contests, and publications. The overall program cost was about $15,000 paid for actions implemented by the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund.

We are working with hundreds of organizations in Russia and abroad. It is impossible to list here all of them, so we list only those that we work with more closely and who provided most support to our initiatives. If any organization working with us would ask to place its information here we welcome such requests. In such case the organization should provide its logo and a brief description of our working relationship and support currently of formerly provided to the Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund.